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our general business terms - in case of doubt, the German Version is decisive

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Application
The following terms and conditions apply to this contract between contractor and client. They also apply to all future contracts concluded between contractor and client. The General Terms and business conditions do not apply if the parties have agreed in the individual case a deviating regulation.

2. Terms and conditions of the client
Terms and conditions of the customer are not part of the contract, even if the contractor this
Conditions not expressly contradict them.

3. Retention of title
The contractor delivered items until full payment of the agreed compensation property of the contractor, as far held no transfer of ownership to the client for legal reasons. The contractor is entitled to charge the customer to obtain ownership of delivered goods and a payment for the supply of suitable objects on demand.

4. Warranty
Is a service provided by the contractor is defective, the customer may demand subsequent performance. If the defect through subsequent performance of the contractor does not eliminate, the customer can reduce the remuneration of the contractor.
Other warranty rights are the Customer subject to the following liability rules are not applicable.
The warranty period is one year, unless the subject of the contract is a building or a work, the success of which is the provision of planning or monitoring services.
An evident defect can be reported within two weeks from the start of the warranty period. Obviously is a defect which strikes a non-specialist principal without closer examination of the services provided.
The notification of a defect is only effective if it is in writing.

5. Liability
The liability of the contractor for the damage which is not due to an injury to life, limb or health is excluded, if the damage to a merely negligent breach of duty by the Contractor to-back out, and the unfulfilled obligation not to the essential contractual obligations of the contractor counts.

6. Invoices and payments
Invoices can be challenged after a period of two weeks after receipt by the authority no longer. A bean standung must be in writing.
Each invoice must be paid immediately upon receipt by the customer without any deduction.
The demand of the Contractor for a down payment does not presuppose that the services of the contractor for which the down payment is required to be proven by a statement, the development quick and safe assessment of the achievements made possible.
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